Weekly Recap and Outlook on Markets and Credit Spreads Screening

Summaries of Important Headlines in the Week
Unsustainable Heating Consumer Price Index
Market & Economic Recap A week of low range moves and closing slightly lower than the previous week. Core consumer price index (CPI) jumps to 5.4%, the biggest gain in 13...
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Benefit Credit Spreads Trading from Hiking Volatility in the Third Quarter of 2021
Market & Economic Recap A roller coaster week. All markets tumbled on Thursday, followed by Dow and S&P 500 creating new highs on Friday. While the markets have seen low...
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Warmer United States and Cooler China
Market & Economic Recap June nonfarm payroll came in hot, confirming that the U.S. economy is gradually returning back to normal. National home price index for April was up 14.6%,...
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High Tech at the Spotlight
Market & Economic Recap NASDAQ hit new high, implying that high tech is at the spotlight again. Amazon’s Prime Day took place this week. It is worth monitoring Prime Day effects...
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Fed Turns to Hawkish
Market & Economic Recap There was no surprise that Federal Reserve was the key player in this week’s markets. Fed is keeping interest rates unchanged at 0%-0.25% and continuing bond...
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Overnight RRP Reaches New High
CPI of the U.S. climbs up 2.7% during the first 5 months of this year. At this rate, CPI measured inflation will rise 6.5% in 2021. However, whether this rate...
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Bad Non-Farm Payroll and Corporate Bond Divestment by Fed
Non-Farm Payroll reported this week shows the U.S. economy missed the estimate of 650,000 non-farm jobs but with 559,000 even as the unemployment rate cratered to a new pandemic-era low. The...
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Money Supply is Surging
S&P Case Shiller Index surged up 13.2% in March, the fastest price gains since the housing bubble top in 2005. For example, Phoenix was up a ballistic 20.0%, San Diego...
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