was founded by Lee Finberg (1938-2021), who was the initial author and creator of The Monthly Income Machine™, discovered his own “Holy Grail” of investing. It took a very long time. And now, spreading the word is his mission.

Entering the University of the Sciences at Philadelphia at age 16, Lee embarked upon an economic research career with Merck after graduation. He then attended Temple University at night, working toward an M.B.A., and simultaneously rose to the position as the youngest Supervisor of Economic Research at Merck.

Along the way, Lee acquired a family, a dog, and – born of his fascination with numbers and economics – a passion for “the markets.” That fascination with the world of investing led him to close out his pharmaceutical career as Director of Marketing at the American Optical division of Warner-Lambert… and to begin his second career, as an investment broker with a major Wall Street firm.

“I soon learned that there is a vast difference between making investment decisions for your own account as an individual investor, and – as a market professional – helping clients make decisions for their accounts.”

He found that trying to keep clients out of trouble, urging prudence and a non-emotional approach to entering and exiting market positions, and asking clients to treat their investments as a business rather than a sporting event, was a surprisingly difficult task… and sometimes a thankless one.

His one-on-one efforts at educating his clients soon expanded to include writing a syndicated investment column, providing guest editorials for financial newsletters, and a featured speaker role with “The Money Show,” formerly the granddaddy of investment seminar organizations: Investment Seminars International.

As a consequence of being so public, Lee’s clients ran the gamut from investment newbies with minimum size accounts, to such sophisticated major investors as the Board Chairmen of Texaco and Hilton.

Through three+ decades of managing his own account, and a similar period as a Wall Street professional working with clients’ accounts, he’s been involved in practically every tradable market and every investment technique.

Lee’s operating investment philosophy crystallized into a simple one based on creating an ongoing, reliable income stream: “The bottom line is that I have learned that not all approaches to the market are equally valid, no matter how well executed. There truly is a single ‘best’ methodology for investors seeking monthly income.”

Explaining this methodology, and other conservative market approaches, are Lee’s passion and the mission of It is also the foundation of the book, “The Monthly Income Machine.”