Market & Economic Recap

NASDAQ hit new high, implying that high tech is at the spotlight again. Amazon’s Prime Day took place this week. It is worth monitoring Prime Day effects on the retail sector. Meanwhile, Microsoft became the second $2 trillion company; the Internet giant Alphabet may follow if high tech’s momentum keeps going.  

$1.2 trillion was poured into equities in the first half of 2021, reaching a historical record. Corporate share buybacks are also approaching new highs. As you know, when a company reduces the number of shares in the markets, its EPS can go up even the earnings remain the same or decrease a little bit.

Economists keep mentioning inflation. Nevertheless, due to a soaring US dollar, commodities keep crashing whose ripples will eventually arrive consumer products.

Credit Spreads Screening

A friendly reminder that the 2021 Q2 earnings report season is coming soon. Please skip the stocks having earnings announcements. In terms of this week’s market condition, we used the high volatility settings to scan the conforming credit spreads. Premier Members can view the screening reports of conforming credit spreads, and others can join us to test-drive free for 30 days.