This week we saw new high for S&P but uneven market performance for the week. In addition, inflation worries and next week’s jobs reports, along with earnings reports last week, providing a mixed market tone. These uncertainties will cause choppiness, despite earnings expectation¬†beats among big tech names (APPL, FB, AMZN, GOOGL) which in general were losers on Friday. In particular, Twitter, which was one of few tech earnings misses, swooned 15%, and AMZN fell despite huge earnings growth and rumors of a stock split on the near horizon.

Looks to me like a choppy week ahead…which is usually nice for credit spreads.

In terms of this week’s market condition, we used the high volatility settings to scan the conforming credit spreads. Premier Members can view the screening reports of conforming credit spreads, and others can join us to test-drive free for 30 days.