Yet another week has passed of posting record highs for the S&P and DOW. The markets are clearly euphoric concerning the outlook for stocks, despite the long term rally continuing almost without correction.

Despite some production hiccups and concerns about small number of blood clots being reported, vaccine production and distribution roaring ahead with 20% of U.S. adult population now vaccinated. Surges continue to be of concern as economies open wide up, travel increases, and pandemic fatigue has caused some to reduce mitigation activities.

Earnings report season begins this week and investors are clearly bullish on their expectations regarding corporate earnings, Tuesday’s price index insight into inflation possibility, and Thursday’s expected big jump in Retail Sales report now that $1,400 stimulus checks are in the people’s pockets.

Just how bullish the investment world has become is underscored by this statistic: the last 5 months have seen more money plowed into stock funds than it the past 12 years combined! One cautious note: it’s quite difficult to find a market guru who is not predicting clear sailing from here.

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